Handcrafted in Sonoma County!

Cookie ... Take a Bite! offers fresh, gourmet cookies in many varieties! Want to contact us? Give us a call at (707) 291-1785!


“Bring the perfect guest to the party: our premium cookies!”

Whether and elegant catering tray or our signature Cookie Bar Extravaganza, we can create a sophisticated and memorable dessert experience for your guests.

Custom Cookie Trays

cookiewineProvide your guests or colleagues a unique treat for your next meeting or corporate event. We offer, fresh, all-natural cookies that help you shine at your office! Choose your flavors for  your elegant cookie tray. Gluten-free and vegan options available too. Our cookies are baked to order and delivered to your door on a charming, upscale catering tray. Prices are based on a per person consumption. 72 hour notice is kindly requested.

Delivery and set up $8.00 for the Santa Rosa area

Professional Catering

We create cookies that appeal to a sophisticated palate all the while cherishing the inner child in all of us. Our cookies bring a 5 star restaurant experience to you and your guests in one bite. The texture, flavor and size our our cookies make them an affordable indulgence and ideal treat for your special event.

A Cookie Extravaganza

For your next special event or upcoming wedding, wow your guests with an extraordinary visual and tasty display of cookies. We work with you to develop cookies that match your special event and bring everything except the table and lines to make your cookie fantasy a reality. Call to set up a free consultation to develop the cookie bar of your dreams!

  • Cookie Platter II

    125 Cookies: 7 different flavors Local Pick Up Only If you want fewer than 7 flavors, fill o...
    $85.00 Select options
  • Cookie Platter I

    75 Cookies: 5 different flavors Local Pick-up Only If you want fewer than 5 flavors, fill ou...
    $60.00 Select options
  • Cookie Platter III

    150 cookies on an elegant catering tray. Choose up to 8 flavors. Serves 60+ people Local Pick-...
    $99.00 Select options
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